A Year of Skies 2020 - project

Canvas being cut ready
The canvas stretching table
Orange ground painting
Five Skies 2020
Sky painting 220720
A Line of Skies
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I decided to paint a sky painting every day for a year, so on 1st January 2020 I did. So far so good.  I want to have an exhibition of them all together, walls filled with little skies.  I didn't expect all the weirdness that has been this year so far when I started.  Looking up at the sky has a wonderful free and meditative quality - I look up at it a lot.  I love the different intense blues, the shapes of the clouds and the way the light changes.  Making these paintings captures a moment of this each day.  I add the time and date which is part of the painting, a record of that moment, not because I believe in the numbering of time but because it expresses a time of focus, a 'now'.  Lots of little 'nows', time is made up of them - Emily Dickinson said. 

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