Sea Signatures

These paintings are made in response to the sea.  The artist, Julie Sumner, stands at the edge of the water, watching individual waves and then drawing to capture the shapes.  The waves are so joyful they feel like a dance and the movement so lyrical it is like music.

Sea Signatures Jazz [Margate to Deal. Sp

Sea Signatures: Jazz [Margate to Deal, Spring 2020] 2020

Chalk pastel on hand made canvas frame.

110 x 120cm - £525.00 - Framed


Giclee print (Limited ed. of 10)

55 x 60cm - £100 (inc p&p)

110 x 120cm - £200 (inc p&p)

The wave lines were drawn in a sketch book at the edge of the sea in Deal, Sandwich Bay and Margate, over 5 recorded days and times in March and May 2020.  The painting was made in the studio and finished in July 2020.  This was the first painting of this style to combine sketches from different places and times.

Sea Signatures: Breakdance [Deal, Feb 2019]  2019

Chalk pastel , ground and paint on hand made canvas frame.

90 x 80 cm

£450 - framed

Giclee print (Limited ed. of 10) 

45 x 40cm - £70 (inc p&p)

90 x 80cm - £140 (inc p&p)

Prints can be purchased online through Pay Pal using the contact form.

Sea Signatures Breakdance [Deal, May 201

The wave lines were painted down at the edge of the sea at Deal beach directly onto the prepared canvas.  The painting was then finished in the studio.