Hard at work in the studio and covered in pastel!

Julie Sumner lives near Deal, Kent and creates 'Drawn Paintings'.  Various techniques have been developed using a mixture of chalk pastel, graphite, charcoal and paint.  The canvases are hand made by the artist.  Paintings are often created in a series that is time based and are in response to the changes of light and weather in the local landscape and by the sea.  


Graduated from the University of the Creative Arts (UCA) Canterbury in 2017 with a degree in Fine Art and won the Watts Gallery Winsor and Newton Painting Prize for her expansive, colourful and whimsical 'Doodle Series' paintings. These formed the basis of the 'Flat Out' series, exhibited in November 2019. She is currently painting 'Sea Signatures' paintings and 'A Year of Skies' 2020.

The ‘Sea Signatures’ paintings are created outside, at the beaches on the south east coast, in all the different weathers and finished in the studio.

“Standing at the edge of the sea looking.  Watching an individual wave build up, crescendo and tumble down. Following the movement and energy in a single line straight onto the canvas; a ‘Sea Signature’ of that moment.”


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